Conferenza “Geographies of Alternative Care: Spaces, Ecologies and Methods”

Simone Ranocchiari informa della Conferenza, che sarà organizzata a Losanna e online, dal titolo

Geographies of Alternative Care: Spaces, Ecologies and Methods

di seguito una breve descrizione dell’evento come da messaggio pervenuto:

This two-day international conference deploys feminist, queer and critical race perspectives to explore care as a field of power relations and a set of embodied practices that sustain life. Considering the wildly uneven distribution of care that COVID-19 has made legible, we focus on three key dimensions of caring: caring for and through spaces; caring across species and scales; caring as research method. For each of them, we explore forms of institutional neglect, processes leading to the devaluation of care, and the struggles for creating alternatives to dominant modes of circulating care. The event is sponsored by the Institute of Geography and Sustainability (IGD) and Plateforme interfacultaire en études genre (PlaGE).

Nell’ambito della conferenza, terremo anche un workshop sul tema « Care as a method », per cui è necessario iscriversi entro il 10 novembre a questo sito: