Job adverts for the 5 post-doctoral positions on ‘Inhabitaing Radical Housing’ project (Turin, Italy)

Michele Lancione condivide il messaggio che segue:

Dear Colleagues,

The job adverts for the 5 post-doctoral positions on my ‘Inhabitaing Radical Housing’ project have opened. The research fellows must be open to collective work, and adhere to an anti-racist, non-binary, and mutually supportive working ethos. Working language will be English, and relocation to Turin essential. A PhD title must be owned at the time of application (no exception possible).

If you are interested in applying, or know some of might, please check this page where I provide info and the application links:

The Closing Date for Applications is 22/07/2021, 15:00 CEST. Applications received after this date will be automatically rejected.

Also, note that for reasons beyond my control, the Polytechnic of Turin asks each candidate to pay a €10 fee to submit their application. This is a practice that I despise, reject and fight. Unfortunately, it is (yet!) beyond my power for this step to be removed from the process. On political grounds, I am happy to support applicants who cannot afford to pay these monies in order to be considered for these jobs. If you fall in this category, I will ask you no question: simply write an email to and I will process a €10 bank transfer to the Polytechnic, writing your name in the ‘reference’.

Please note I have received 200+ emails of candidates expressing their interests for these jobs, so do approach me for financial support only if genuinely needed. Thank you.