Notte Internazionale della Geografia – reminder

Riceviamo e pubblichiamo un messaggio di Massimiliano Tabusi in merito alla Notte Internazionale della Geografia


Dear colleagues (and EUGEO Member Societies Contact Persons),

also in 2024 EUGEO supports “GeoNight” (, an initiative conceived to link countries on an international scale with small and medium events with geography in the heart; the aim is, also, to reach with our discipline even beyond the limits of the Academy, and to show an International interest and support for Geography. As was said in our recent online meeting, I am sending you all the information here.

In 2024 GeoNight is events could take place on either Friday, April 5th or Friday, April 12th.

More information are in the pdf attached here and on the international GeoNight website ( The organizational method will be the same as in the last years, with the same Scientific Committee and two new colleagues in the Organizing Committee, which I thank very much; I want to especially thank Alexis Alamel.

There is a webform to propose an event (same weblink; you reach the webform scrolling the page), and it is just working. The deadline to propose an event is February 5 (but a short deadline extension may be possibile). 

Every single event will have a specific and self-managed page on the website.

As usual, we imagine a light verification process of proposals. For this process we imagine to involve in the first instance the EUGEO members for their countries and IGU for other countries; if this is impossible, there will be an examination by the Scientific and Organizing committee.

Here you can find the 2023 events map.

As EUGEO, we ask member societies to circulate information about GeoNight in your country as soon as possibileencouraging a wide participation. If you need more info, please write me (

Thanks a lot for your kind attention, and for your support to GeoNight, 2024 edition.

Best wishes: may the year 2024 that can bring peace, serenity and satisfaction!