Venezia, 20 aprile: Paesaggi, memorie, luoghi: ricordando Denis Cosgrove, geografo culturale

Francesco Vallerani ci informa di un evento che si svolgerà a Venezia presso la sede dell’Istituto Veneto di Scienze Lettere e Arti il prossimo 20 aprile alle ore 10, per ricordare Denis Cosgrove dieci anni dopo la prematura scomparsa.  Sarà anche presentato il volume Paesaggi di villa. Architettura e giardini nel Veneto a cura di Giuseppe Rallo, Mariapia Cunico, Margherita Azzi Visentini

Qui in allegato la locandina-programma. Di seguito un estratto:

Spring 2018 will be ten years since Denis Cosgrove passed away. It has been a long time. It was maybe enough time for family and friends to recover from the immense sense of loss caused by his premature departure. Denis’ cultural legacy is nonetheless still continuing to affect cultural geography’s multifaceted pathways
and trajectories. In particular, his pivotal considerations on the role of the geographer as the true humanist are continuing to represent a source of inspiration for many of us and for a new generation of cultural geographers. Cosgrove’s works were pivotal in setting geography in dialogue with other humanistic disciplines, from the fine arts to philosophy, from literature to architecture.
This conference is not meant as another reaffirmation or eulogy of Cosgrove’s work as an indisputable cornerstone of international cultural geography, nor does it aim at offering an account of the evolution of the discipline and its relationship with the humanities. Contributors are instead asked to develop a personal narrative
based on their own reminiscences, reflections, and neglected memories.