Vol. 6/2 (2023) collana scientifica “Geographies of the Anthropocene”

Si segnala l’uscita del vol. 6, n. 2 (2023) della collana scientifica “Geographies of the Anthropocene” dal titolo CLIMATE CHANGE RELATED URBAN TRANSFORMATION AND THE ROLE OF CULTURAL HERITAGE, curato da Matthias Ripp (Organisation of World Heritage Cities, Regensburg) e Christer Gustafsson (Department of Art History, Uppsala University), con la prefazione di Claire Cave.

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Starting with a systemic understanding of cultural heritage, climate-change related urban transformation processes are analyzed through a multi-disciplinary lens and methods that blend the arts, humanities, and sciences. Governance-specific topics range from relevant cultural markers and local policies to stimulate resilience, to a typology of heritage-related governance and the vulnerability of historic urban landscapes. A variety of contributions from the Americas, Asia, and Europe describe and analyze challenges and potential solutions for climate-change related urban transformation and the role of cultural heritage. Contributions focusing on innovation, adaptation, and reuse introduce the concept of urban acupuncture, adaptive reuse of industrial heritage, and how a historical spatial-functional network system can be related to a smart city approach. The potential role of cultural traditions for resilience is analyzed, as is the integration of sustainable energy production tools in a historic urban landscape. Examples of heritage-based urban resilience from around the world are introduced, as well as the path of medium-technology to address climate adaptation and prevention in historic buildings. The contributions emphasize the need for an updated narrative that cultural heritage can also contribute to climate adaptation and mitigation.