Volume “Global Threats in the Anthropocene: from Covid-19 to the future”

Leonardo Mercatanti informa dell’uscita del volume

Global Threats in the Anthropocene: from Covid-19 to the future

Ecco quanto pervenuto:

Il Vol. 4, n. 1 (2021) della collana “Geographies of the Anthropocene” (Il Sileno Edizioni), dal titolo “Global Threats in the Anthropocene: from Covid-19 to the future”, curato da Leonardo Mercatanti e Stefano Montes (Dipartimento di Culture e Società, Università di Palermo), con la prefazione di Paul Stoller, è stato pubblicato ed è scaricabile gratuitamente sul sito web della collana: http://www.ilsileno.it/geographiesoftheanthropocene/e-book-releases/ Sono anche scaricabili i singoli capitoli al seguente link: http://www.ilsileno.it/geographiesoftheanthropocene/e-book-releases/global-threats-in-the-anthropocene-from-covid-19-to-the-future/

Il volume è multilingue (Italiano, Inglese e Francese) e Open Access. 

Di seguito l’abstract in inglese:

The COVID-19 pandemic offers food for thought and an opportunity for humanities and science scholars who research our global condition to collaborate. The 21st-century society is facing an unprecedented challenge right now: what can we learn from this challenge? Will everything really return to what we used to define as ‘normal’ at the end of the emergency? Probably not. Structural changes from political, economic, social, and environmental perspectives are already occurring, and impacting the fields of health, education, commerce, governance, and travel. Concepts of social space are being redefined and rethought at various scales. Our society, unprepared for a global health emergency of this scale, has been engaged only partially in practices of mitigation and sustainability and we now realize the fragility of our planetary existence. This volume collects 14 original chapters which analyse the new scenarios that could lie ahead in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis in an interdisciplinary context.