Workshop organizzato dall’International Network for Learning and Teaching Geography in Higher Education

Tramite EUGEO riceviamo dall’ “International Network for Learning and Teaching Geography in Higher Education” (INLT) il seguente invito a partecipare ad un Workshop che si pone l’obiettivo di facilitare la collaborazione internazionale sul tema dell’alta formazione in geografia. Il Workshop si svolgerà subito dopo il Regional Congress IGU in Quebec, di cui si è già data notizia.

Di seguito il testo dell’invito:

An international collaborative writing retreat for Geographers in Higher Education

 Friday 10th August – Sunday 12th August 2018


This event immediately follows the IGU Regional Congress at Laval University, Quebec and will take place at Foret Montmorency ( – a chance to engage in collaborative writing while enjoying a real Canadian wilderness experience!



The International Network for Learning and Teaching Geography in Higher Education (INLT) writing retreat is a structured workshop to facilitate international collaboration on topics of significance in geography higher education. The outputs from the workshop will be a series of papers for submission to a symposium volume in the Journal of Geography in Higher Education. The journal and its publisher, Taylor and Francis, have sponsored the workshop.



The topics for focus in this INLT workshop have been chosen by the JGHE Editorial Board as some of the most critical issues facing geography higher education, but also as topics that will help build citations for the journal given their broader relevance. Depending on the number and nature of expressions of interest, all or some of these topics will be supported:

  • Embedding students as partners
  • Exploring mobile learning opportunities
  • Preparing students for transition
  • Teaching for social justice
  • Indigenous educations
  • Graduate Futures

Full details on each of these topics as well as full details of the workshop are attached along with the expression of interest form.


This form should be completed and returned to Niamh Moore-Cherry [E-mail: niamh.moore@ucd.ieby 14th February 2018. Please note places are limited and will be allocated based on the information in the call.

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