call for abstract per la sessione “Governing the Urban. Adressing Urban Agendas From a Relational Perspective”, nell’ambito della Regional Studies Association Annual Conference (17-20 giugno 2020)

Simonetta Armondi trasmette l’informazione call for abstract relativa alla sessione

SS12: Governing the Urban. Adressing Urban Agendas From a Relational Perspective, 

nell’ambito della

Regional Studies Association Annual Conference

(17-20 giugno 2020), Ljubliana, Slovenia.

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Deadline per invio degli abstract: 31 gennaio 2020.
The term “urban agenda” has emerged in recent years to point out the increasing relevance of the urban issue in the policy scenario worldwide and the development of strategic frameworks to guide urban development in a socio-economic scene in which cities need to improve importantly their capacity to face locally the negative effects of global ecological, social and economic dynamics, and internal tensions in highly complex governance frameworks (Armondi & De Gregorio Hurtado, 2019). 
This can be considered the continuity of a trend that had its origin in the framework of crisis that characterized the 60s and the 70s, and that from the 80s started to be formalized through the development of urban strategies at local level, and urban policy frameworks at regional and national levels in West Europe. We argue that the recent international urban agendas (Agenda 2020 for Sustainable Development and New Urban Agenda of United Nations, and the Urban Agenda for the European Union) have given again momentum and visibility to that strategic practice. In the present moment this practice needs to integrate innovation in the policy process of definition and implementation of the urban agendas to make evolve previous models and approaches and to adapt them to current problems in a context of increasing uncertainty. The aim of the session proposed is to create a 
framework for a critical reflection on innovative approaches, topics, mechanisms, governance frameworks etc. in agendas developed by different government levels and non-institutional actors focused on the selective and strategic mobilization of the urban dimension. 
We will look at innovation and experimentation from a wide perspective (understanding it as practice in evolution, not only as a disruptive practice), and to its limitations and drivers, welcoming proposals from different disciplines and relating innovation with other relevant policy and politics elements and interest. 
Armondi, S. & De Gregorio Hurtado, S. (2019): Foregrounding Urban Agendas. The new urban issue in European experiences of policy-making. Springer.
Session organisers:  Simonetta Armondi (Politecnico di Milano, Italy) and Sonia De Gregorio Hurtado (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain) 
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