Call for book chapter: contemporary LGBTQ issues

Maria Paradiso condivide una proposta di Marianne Blidon e Stanley Brunn per un volume su

contemporary LGBTQ issues

Di seguito il messaggio così come pervenuto:

Attached is a proposal that Professor Marianne Blidon, Univ of Sorbonne, and I submitted to Springer for an edited book on contemporary LGBTQ issues. The company is interested in publishing the volume so we are now contacting potential authors; we expect mot to be geographers. We are looking for authors from many countries and regions around the world, hence this email. We would appreciate your sharing this with colleagues and prospective authors. If they are interested ask them to email Marianne or me; email addresses are on the proposal.

Thanks for helping in making this a truly international effort. Feel free to share this with others.


Scarica QUI il pdf:

PAPERSE LGBTQ proposal10Apr