CfP “Territories and Identities, A Critical Perspective on Belonging”

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“Please see below a call for papers for the conference ‘Territories and Identities, A Critical Perspective on Belonging’

Scuola Normale Superiore, Florence, Italy 9-10 November 2023

Convenors: Francesco Ventura, Jacopo Custodi, Aida Kapetanovic, Manuela Caiani

The issue of identity often brings to mind that of territorial affiliation. However, today, the connection between place and identity is increasingly expressed in terms of exclusivity, nationalism, localism, and even xenophobia and aggression. In other words, the question of identity appears to be dominated by right-wing perspectives. Leftist critical and radical thinking often avoids discussing themes of territorial identity, out of fear of slipping into right-wing discourses. However, these themes remain fundamental pillars of many radical social movements around the world, from the No TAV protests in Italy to the resistance of the Standing Rock Sioux in the US, from the defence of urban commons and neighbourhoods in Western metropolises to struggles for autonomy and self-determination in places like Chiapas and Kurdistan.

This conference aims to explore critical perspectives on the relationship between identities and territories, including theories, methodologies, practices, and tools for understanding this complex interplay. We encourage the submission of both theoretical and empirical papers, and we are particularly interested in the following themes:

  • Social movements and the importance of place
  • Local struggles (environmental, anti-gentrification, etc.) and their relation to local identity
  • Left-wing patriotism
  • Identity politics and nationalism on the Left
  • Strategies for home-making among migrants
  • The relationship between local struggles, migration and identities
  • Anti-neoliberal glocal movements
  • The role of space, place, movement, and belonging in shaping identities
  • Grassroots internationalism and its relation to territorial belonging


We welcome papers that examine both European and non-European contexts and encourage early-stage researchers and young scholars to participate.

Deadline: 21 July 2023

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