Framing Islands and the Ocean: Osaka-Milan Perspectives

Marcella Schmidt di Friedberg ricorda l’appuntamento col webinar tematico “Framing Islands and the Ocean: Osaka-Milan Perspectives”. Come si riporta nella circolare,

Islands and the Ocean are conceptually and empirically inseparable. Building on these premises, the organizing committees for the IGU Thematic Conference on Islands in Relations: Conflicts, Sustainability, and Peace (Osaka, Japan on April 4-6, 2023) and the IGU Thematic Conference on the Ocean and Seas in Geographical Thought (Milan, Italy on June 6-7, 2023) have been actively collaborating to bridge the two events, held in different places and times, and provide a more significant and comprehensive forum on islands and the Ocean by covering and integrating their main themes and perspectives. The present webinar is a first attempt in the history of the IGU thematic conferences in such a direction.

Il webinar si terrà il 19 maggio a partire dalle ore 10.00.

Il link per la registrazione è il seguente: at

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