Day of Geographer – the holiday of professional geographers – will be officially celebrated in Russia on 18 th of August 2020 for the first time

Elena Remizova, coordinatrice degli Affari Internazionali della Russian Geographical Society, informa della

istituzione in Russia – in occasione del 175mo dalla fondazione della Società Geografica Russa – del “Day of Geographer”

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Day of Geographer – the holiday of professional geographers – will be officially
celebrated in Russia on 18 th of August 2020 for the first time.

This Day was set up not only for geographers, but for every geography fan and professionals from related areas, who lay the effort for popularization of the geography in Russia and abroad. It is supposed that the including of the Day of Geographer into Russian calendar of the official holidays will underline the significance of this profession, increase the position of the representatives of the geography science and help to involve more people into the study of native country, its nature and history.
The date of 18 th of August was chosen not incidentally. In this very day in 1845 due to the supreme order of the Imperator Nicolas the First the Russian
Geographical Society was established in Saint-Petersburg. This year RGS celebrates its 175 th anniversary.
The Russian Geographical Society is one of the oldest geographical societies in the world and the oldest acting non-profit organization in Russia. Expeditions conducted by the Society made the valuable contribution into the exploration and study of new lands; into the development of the seafaring and the formation of the meteorology, climatology and other sciences; reclaiming of the Far East, Siberia and Central Asia.
Every year RGS holds several complex expedition – on the land, by the ocean and under the sea.
The basis of the nature reserve management and study in Russia was also laid by the Society. In 1917 RGS participated in the creation of the first Russian Natural Reserve “Barguzinsky” in Baikal region. Today RGS supports the study and protection of rare and endangered species: snow leopard, Amur tiger, polar bear, manul, beluga whale, Przhevalsky horse, etc.
Expeditions and researches, education and enlightenment, environmental protection, book publishing and work with youth are the main areas of activities
of RGS. The Society has accumulated the richest library and archival funds. 
Today RGS joints more than 23,000 members in Russia and abroad. Regional branches are opened in all 85 constituent entities of the Russian Federation.
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Author: Silinenko Pavel

Autumn over the meanders of the Tchua river. The view from the rock over the Tadzhilu natural area

Author: RGS

The stairs in the Headquarter of the Society in Saint-Petersburg, build in 1909

Author: RGS

The collection of the geographical instruments

Author: Alexey Kudenko

All-around-the-World expedition 2019-2020 of the Russian Navy and Russian Geographical Society by the vessel “Admiral Vladimirsky”

Author: RGS

“Tunnug Mound” archaeological expedition in Tyva region, 2018-2019