Lo Squaderno – Climate Turn

Anna Casaglia trasmette la call for paper per un numero monografico de Lo Squaderno, curato da lei e da Cristina Mattiucci, dal titolo

Climate Turn

Ecco quanto pervenuto:

Climate turn

Edited by Anna Casaglia and Cristina Mattiucci

This issue  of lo Squaderno invites to explore the urban question through the lens of the climate crisis, emerging as a key element to understand the manifold nexuses existing among some features of the capitalist economic expansion (e.g. extraction of fossil fuels, pollution and greenhouse gases emissions, deforestation, to mention a few) and urbanisation at the global scale, which have almost irremediably altered the conditions of life on earth.

The increasing world urbanisation has shaped a situation of interconnected city environments in need to secure and widen their commodity chains, energy supplies, mobility networks. This glurbanisation has affected the dramatic and irreversible transformation of the biosphere.

In this perspective, we posit an interpretation of climate itself as key to analyse present forms of inequalities, injustice and vulnerabilities at the local and global levels, to understand their manifold and complex features.

From one side, the degree of vulnerability people face in relation to climate transformations is hardly related to the impact their lives have on climate change: experiences such as (past/new) colonialisms, dispossession, land grabbing and exploitation have created the conditions for certain areas to suffer most from environmental disruption. On the other side, glurban populations’ lifestyle in the global north has impacted the most on the alteration of the biosphere and the climate, while their technology and resources keep them able to adapt and/or respond to environmental transformations.

The special issue seeks to gather scholars, activists, artists, policy makers (…) looking at capitalist glurbanisation as a central driver of the crisis, as well as at the potential of cities as hubs of radical and virtuous transformation and creation of solutions.

In addition, we would also like to collect contributions tackling the differential impact of environmental disruption in global cities in the north and in the south, highlighting the way in which new forms of injustice and inequalities are now articulating around the climate issue.


| Deadline | 30 September 2021

| Articles’ length | 2,000 words

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