Notte della Geografia

Ricordiamo che domani 14 aprile 2023 si terrà la Notte della Geografia.

Anche quest’anno saranno numerosi e variegati gli eventi (circa 80) che vedranno impegnati le geografe e i geografi italiani. La mappa è consultabile QUI

Per maggiori dettagli trasmettiamo il messaggio di Massimiliano Tabusi, ricordando anche il tradizionale brindisi informale in programma per oggi alle ore 17 al seguente link 

"Dear colleagues,

I send you this email to share some information about the GeoNight, traditionally organized by EUGEO in connection with the IGU and the CNFG. The GeoNight (and day!) is Friday 14 April 2023. Many thanks for your support, which resulted in a large participation!
This year - after the proposal review phase - 274 events are scheduled; most in Europe, although all continents are represented.
All the events can be consulted on the website; this year we used the IGU groups as inspiration for thematic tags of the events, which result:

Agricultural Geography And Land Engineering (8) And Global Change (38) Applied Geography (38) Biogeography And Biodiversity (21) Climatology (25) Coastal Systems (8) Cultural Approach In Geography (59) Dynamics Of Economic Spaces (17) Environment Evolution (26) Gender And Geography (7) Geographical Education (107) Geographical Information Science (31) Geography For Future Earth: Coupled Human-Earth Systems For Sustainability (27) Geography Of Governance (9) Geography Of Information (8) Geography Of Information, Innovation And Technology (11) Geography Of Tourism (43) Geography Of Tourism, Leisure, And Global Change (35) Geoheritage And Parks (38) Geomorphology And Society: Past (10) Global Change And Human Mobility (13) Global Understanding (16) Hazard And Risk (13) Health And Environment (22) History Of Geography (21) Informality, Social Change And Development (11) Innovation And Technology (8) Islands (9) Karst (7) Land Degradation And Desertification (12) Landscape Analysis And Landscape Planning (28) Land Use And Land Cover Change (13) Leisure (43) Local And Regional Development (35) Mediterranean Basin (8) Mountain Studies (10) Political Geography (19) Population Geography (14) Present And Future (10) Research Methods In Geography (13) Sustainability Of Rural Systems (18) Toponymy (11) Transport And Geography (12) Urban Geography (48) Water Sustainability (20)

The global GeoNight events map is here

If you want to use the events map in your Association's website or elsewhere, you can use this code:

<iframe src="" width="640" height="480"></iframe>

As per tradition, we'd like to make a very informal toast (fruit juice, tea, wine or whatever!) and kick-off meeting with event organizers, online, to wish us a "good GeoNight". The appointment for this is Thursday 13 April at 17 CET at the link: ( This meeting will last approximately 30 minutes. Anyone wishing to join is welcome!

Thanks a lot for your kind attention.

With best regards,

Massimiliano Tabusi

EUGEO Secretary General"