April 3rd, friday, h. 6pm, Webinar “This Earth, this Virus: Doing, Thinking and Teaching Geography”

The Italian board of Geographical Association (SoGeI) organize a webinar entitled

This Earth, this Virus: Doing, Thinking and Teaching Geography

 on the day originally dedicated to the European GeoNight (Friday, April 3rd, h. 6pm to 8 pm).

Geographers will start a discussion (in Italian language) about the impact of covid-19 emergency, that upsets the lives of the whole world. Ways of thinking, doing and teaching geography from now on are the focus.

It will be a first moment of confrontation that primarily addresses the geographers community, students, fans of geography. We will try to face new research paths and questions and we will try to reflects on new perspectives from which we look at the world and new ways we can represent it.

Speakers: Emanuela Casti, Filippo Celata, Vittorio Colizzi, Egidio Dansero, Franco Farinelli, Paola Pepe

It ‘a starting point, which aims to encourage and stimulate the whole community of geographers.

Presidents of the Associations: Claudio Cerreti (SGI), Egidio Dansero (SSG), Carla Masetti (CISGE), Riccardo Morri (AIIG), Andrea Riggio (AGEI), Giuseppe Scanu (AIC)

To follow live and take part (via chat) in the discussion:

The Webex events platform will be used, which is accessible via PC, tablet, smartphone, or with an application or browser (automatically has a plugin installed).

For those with connection problems, you can also participate through a simple phone call to the number indicated below.

Web address of the event: https://unito.webex.com/unito/onstage/g.php?MTID=e8afd3cc0fe0c5e2efdd4554af045e035
Date and Time: Friday 3 April 2020 18.00
Summer time Europe (Amsterdam, GMT + 02: 00)
Estimated Duration: 2 hours
Event Number: 846 341 280
Password: sogei
Audio Conference:
Call-in toll number (Italy)
+39 0230410 440
Access code: 846 341 280